our mission

Our mission is to keep our kids safe with the best, most consistent surfaces affordable.
If you are a runner or play any of the many sports played on the main athletic field, you know what we are talking about. The wear and tear on the natural grass field creates divots, holes, large, muddy patches and more all over field. When the soccer teams play in November they have to “avoid” the large muddy puddles that run for yards in length up and down the eastern and western sides of the field.

How does a team “really play” a game like that? Not to mention how slippery it gets which is an obvious safety issue. Did you know that because the teams can’t practice on the main field, the boys’ j.v. and varsity soccer teams have to either take the bus or drive to Seveney complex for practices every weekday for field space? Well, the guys who don’t want to be seen on the bus catch a ride with the kids who have recently gotten their licenses. Sometimes there will be 4 or 5 boys in a car. How is that safe, or even legal?

The childhood obesity issue is at an all time high in the U.S. right now. We want our kids to stay active and become active if they aren’t already. Please read the article linked below as it talks about the benefits of being active or athletic vs. nonactive or not athletic.


Scheduling issues become even more of a problem when you have inclement weather and too many teams to play and practice on the high school campus’ fields. If you take a look at the practice fields around the campus, you will see that they too have been overused. Coordinating practices with the constant lining of the main field, even for the marching band in late August has been an ongoing challenge. With the artificial turf field, the lining of the field will only need to be done several times per season, freeing it up for more practice and games!